Change the Color of a Building (or Anything) in Photoshop

Steps to Re-create

Here’s a photo of a red building with shiny red windows. We can select each of these portions out separately and alter their colors. You could even change each window to be a different color if you wanted to.

  1. Use the Quick Selection (W) tool and drag/paint across the areas of the red building. If it selects some areas you don’t want selected hold Alt/Opt and drag/paint over those areas.
  2. Create a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer, check colorize and enter a Hue of 118 and a Saturation of 25.
  3. Make a new layer and choose Select > Color Range from the top menu and click on one of the windows.
  4. Adjust the fuzziness slider until the windows are in white and the building is in black and hit OK.
  5. Make a Color Balance adjustment layer and use the following values
    1. Midtones – 75, 63, -50
    2. Highlights – 42, -6, -24
    3. Shadows – -53, 6 -12
  6. Make a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and  check colorize and enter a Hue of 294, Saturation of 52 and Lightness of -12


Thanks for checking out I know there are a ton of places to find Photoshop tutorials so I thank you for taking a look. I hope you learned something.

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